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What is medical intervention loan?

A credit for medical procedures can always be taken out, even if there is no actual medical need for the procedure. In this case, the amount of the loan differs rather, because if the intervention is carried out as cosmetic surgery for visual reasons only, there is no funding from the health insurance.

The future borrower and patient must, therefore, pay the costs to the doctor or the clinic in full, which of course significantly increases the amount of the loan


A medical intervention, even minor interventions without risk, is always associated with high costs, because not only material and the costs for the doctor have to be paid, but also for other medical personnel who attend the operation. Depending on the scope of the operation, this can be a nurse, but possibly also several nurses, assistants, and an anesthetist.

Therefore, you should inform yourself in advance in advance in the patient about how much the medical intervention including aftercare actually costs, especially if no subsidy is to be expected from the health insurance company. Even in the case of operations that are necessary for medical reasons, it is not necessarily the case that the health insurance company pays the full costs. Depending on the insurance policy, it is not uncommon for only a percentage of the costs to be borne; the difference must then be financed again through the loan for medical interventions.

Insurance policy is a crucial factor

Insurance policy is a crucial factor

Ultimately, the type and scope of the insurance always depend to a large extent. As a rule, privately insured persons always have to bear a certain part of the costs independently, which is why even in the case of medically necessary interventions, an invoice is created for the patient, which the patient must also finance in part as a percentage. Statutory health insurers do not always have to cover costs, but for most procedures. The scope and amount are based on the type of policy. Therefore, before taking out a loan for medical interventions, it should also be clarified which insurance you hold yourself and how it is liable for the intervention.

In addition, an appraisal can also create a new situation, for example by declaring an intervention absolutely necessary for psychological reasons. Here, of course, the individual case decides, because while medical interventions are often routine, patients differ considerably – not only in their medical records.

A loan for medical intervention is usually taken out as a conventional installment or consumer loan, i.e. the borrower and patient pay the resulting amount over a fixed term in fixed installments. This means that very cost-intensive operations are still possible since the monthly installments are only small for the long term. In some cases, the doctor or clinic also offers the option of paying in installments, with the loan being issued here by a connected credit institution.

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