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Quick loan – is it really true?

Many consumers ask themselves whether a quick loan is serious. There is evidence of when and when it is not. We clarify which are.

Check the offer carefully

Check the offer carefully

Sometimes the consumer stumbles across loan offers that are too good to be true. There is often talk of Credit Bureau-free loans that should be paid out within a short time. Interest rates that are not in the loan agreement at all are also gladly advertised.

In principle, Credit Bureau-free loans cannot be paid out as quickly as announced. Especially the offers with prepayment or the announcement of a representative should make the consumer take notice. Here you can easily see whether a quick loan is serious or not.

As soon as the consumer is required to pay in advance, he is guaranteed not to be serious. A real loan without Credit Bureau can only be obtained from Lite Bank in Liechtenstein. It has the corresponding license and has replaced the former “Swiss loan”. This quick loan is serious, because the bank does not require any prepayment and does not announce a representative visit.

There is quickly a preliminary acceptance or rejection. That depends on the income situation of the loan seeker. In addition, the length of service at the workplace plays a significant role. A credit contract is only handed over after all submitted documents have been checked.

Why do so many consumers fall for dubious offers?

Why do so many consumers fall for dubious offers?

Those in financial need urgently need the money. Without a good credit rating, banks in Germany refuse a loan. As a last straw, the needy try to get a loan in other ways. This makes them a feast for traders who are currently depriving people of their last money.

Nevertheless people keep falling for the dubious offers because they do not read the fine print correctly or accept offers with prepayment without criticism. In general, prepayment is absolutely unusual for loans. Only Lite Bank is the only financial institution that can grant these types of loans. Anyone who knows that is guaranteed to get a quick credit serious.

Other quick loans

All paths are open to consumers with a good Credit Bureau. If you need money quickly, you can use the overdraft facility or apply for a call credit. This is similar to the overdraft facility, but costs less interest. There are also higher loan amounts and the borrower is flexible in repayment. How much of the loan amount provided is actually used is up to the customer.

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